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Small Commissions

$30 Commissions

Two Colors (usually, unless I decide I want more)  Mixed media (ink, watercolor, colored pencil, etc).  Busts or objects.  Typically completed in a day.

$40 Commissions

More colors, more detail!  Still busts, objects, or locations (modestly.)  Mixed media.  Typically completed in a day.

$60 Commissions

Even more colors and detail, including backgrounds.  Mixed media, usually mostly watercolor and ink.  Typically completed in 1-3 days.

Commission Slots Available

$30 ------------ 10/10 available

$40 ------------ 6/6 available

$60 ------------ 3/3 available

Last updated 6/21/2020

PLEASE NOTE: Windows Explorer

For some reason, forms do not reach me when you submit them in Windows Explorer.  I recommend either Chrome of Firefox, as those have proven to work. 


If you only have Explorer, you are welcome to send me a message via any one of my social media outlets at the bottom of this webpage!

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Thank you!  We will be in touch!

Commission Examples

Fandom Commissions

**Additional sizes, characters, and backgrounds can be discussed and are subject to agreed upon price changes.**


Single Character, no background: Ink - $120, Watercolor- $175

Full Background: Ink - $160, Watercolor - $200


Single Character bust, no background: Ink - $200 , Watercolor- $275

Full Background: Ink - $250, Watercolor - $300



Portrait Commissions


Graphite (sizes in inches)

Available in sizes:

-8x10: $150

-9X12: $180

-11x14: $200

Watercolor/ink and watercolor/colored pencil/watercolor pencil (sizes in inches)

​Available in sizes:

-8x10: $100

-9X12: $200

-11x14: $300

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