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Q: How do I get this ball rolling?

A: Send me a message! You can use Facebook messenger, the built-in website messenger, or shoot me an email at Please let me know your name, the size you are interested in, the medium, and be sure to include the photo you would like me to reference. If you would like me to pick one from multiple photos, include those too. If you contact me through messenger, I may request that you email me your photos instead so I can download them at a better quality. When all is decided, I will send you a PayPal invoice to your email. Once payment has been received, I will get to work!

Q: When will my artwork be finished?

A: Remember - if your commission is a gift, it's best to order sooner rather than later. Please allow 2-3 weeks for a project to be completed. You may be in a queue and I should be able to give you an estimate of how much time before I can begin your piece. I will certainly let you know when I have started and (of course) completed it.

Q: When/how do I pay you?

A: Since the prices are by size, you pay me before I start drawing/painting. I have no doubt there will be some back-and-forth between us as we decide on the best photo to work from, but the work begins once payment has been received. You will receive a PayPal invoice in your email from me with the price (it will include shipping cost, unless we have arranged a pickup) and you will have the option of paying online straight from the invoice as well as giving me your shipping information. Easy peezy.

Q: Can I use a payment method other than PayPal?

A: I only accept PayPal, but you can use any debit or credit card.

Q: How many photos should I give you?

A: I typically work from one photo. We can certainly discuss collages, but I cannot splice together elements from several photos (i.e. posture from one, shirt from another, hat from another, pet from another, background from another, etrc etc.) It gets far too complicated too quickly. Make sure the photos are YOURS or you have the rights to the photo! Be careful whith photos taken by hired photographers, like for weddings and special events. Yes, they are beautiful, but check your contract and make sure you have the right to let me draw from the photo. Check with your photographer! You may find that they will allow it, especially if the photographer is referenced whenever you post it.

Q: Do the photos have to be good quality?

A: Yes please! Photos should be high quality. This DOES NOT mean it needs to be a professional photograph! I have drawn from cell phone cameras - technology has changed! It just means I need to see all of the necessary details. I will work with you on finding just the right one. Remember: The lower the quality, the fewer details I can see in the subject(s), which means there is a likely chance it won't be recognizable. I don't know these lovely people/critters! If you only have a lower quality photo, you may be limited in size, but that can all be worked out through communication.

Q: What will it look like?

A: If there is a need for me to create a sketch of your commission, you will certainly see it. This usually happens when I need to adjust the composition in some way or you have a special request. Typically, there won't be any need to see a sketch. I may or may not send you a work in progress photo. That usually happens when I have a question or I get really excited about something. Please note you are working with an artist - I reserve the right to make any creative changes to the portrait (removing shirt patterns, background elements, leaving edges sketchy, etc.) Trust me to make the right composition decisions that highlight your subject's(s') best qualities and really bring out the captured moment!

Q: What if I don't like it?

A: If there is something not quite right, please don't hesitate to tell me! I am absolutely willing to work with you to make sure your piece meets both of our standards! In the event that I do not receive payment or a refund is issued, you will not receive your art piece.

Q: Can I choose a size or medium that isn't on the list?

A: Please stay with the available sizes and mediums. This helps keep things running smoothly and will help keep your commission on time. If you REALLY want a custom size, we can talk about that, but this will affect the timeliness of your piece.

Q: What about framing and shipping?

A: I do not include matting or framing. Your art will be shipped safely and securely via USPS First Class Mail unless you have another preference.

Q: I have another question that's not on this list.

A: Send it my way! I'm happy to answer any and all of your questions. You can use the messaging system through this site, my Facebook page, Etsy, or via


Commission details are subject to change.

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